Chennai airport building as such is situated just 350 Meters away from Thirisoolam railway station. It has 4 terminals. T1 houses the domestic arrival and departure sections and it is separate from the other terminals. Floor 1 contains the airport manager’s office.  Floor 2 houses departure gates. All gates lead to the same departure hall. T2 contains offices, a self-serviceAirport Canteen, which is the best and cheapest in this campus and situated close to T1 and the, dormitory as well as rooms accommodation are available here also. T3 is situated just opposite to metro station within 100 meters, in the same line as T1 & T2. Rest room & and dormitory booking office is situated in the terminal just opposite to the metro. It is just inside of the building, not visible from outside, with an Indian Bank ATM opposite to that, which is also not visible from outside. This serves as the international arrival terminal.

T4 contains four international departure gates in 2nd floor. Wrapping machine, coffee shops, ISD, local & STD facility, a pharmacy  etc. are available here. There are two elevators in the middle of T4 into which you may take your baggage trolley to reach departure hall in floor 2. Taxis and your car can reach this floor. If your car can drop you here and leave within 10mts. you don’t have to pay parking charge.

Opposite to T4, across the road areumbrella shaped structures. In case nature calls you, you may ease yourself here with nominal cost. You can also shower yourself here !!. Likewise, opposite to the Airport Canteen at T2 next to the domestic airport building, there are similar umbrella shaped structures under which the same facilities are available. A temple is also situated near this with Sangeetha Veg. food counter in the near vicinity.

There are two visitor halls, one in T3 ground floor to see the arriving guests and another one in floor 2 at T4 gate 3, to see your relatives and friends off. You may buy tickets to enter this just outside these halls. Rs.70/- for 2 hours.( 2017 rate )


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