Travel Tips

Chennai airport building as such is situated just 350 Meters away from Thirisoolam railway station. It has 4 terminals. T1 houses the domestic arrival and departure sections and it is separate from the other terminals. Floor 1 contains the airport manager’s office.  Floor 2 houses departure gates. All gates lead to the same departure hall.
          If you are a first time flyer to a foreign destination,  here are some helpful tips. As you enter the International departure gate into the hall, ask or search for the check in counter of YOUR AIRLINE for the economy class passengers. Queue up there with your passport, air ticket & visa if you
FIRST OF ALL CHECK THE VALIDITY OF YOUR PASSPORT. IT MUST HAVE ATLEASET 6-8 MONTHS VALIDITY FROM THE END DATE OF YOUR TRIP ABROAD. You can renew your passport even one year before the expiry date.    Once you appear at the passport office for the renewal,  the renewed passport will reach you within 10days. It
For assessing & comparing the economy of the tour price offered by various tour operators. Ask if lunch and dinner are included on all days, since each buffet meal will cost bet. Rs.500-750/. Now you may calculate how much it will come to in this tour, if included for the number of days covered. Find
Make your area Germ free.  You may not be aware that the food tray table in front of you is more infected with germs than bathroom fittings. So take with you some sanitizing swipes and wipe the tray, arm rests, seat buckles and basically any area you may touch during your flight. Adjusting your AC
Generally those visiting a foreign country from India have to prepare some documents needed for a tourist visa. There will always be a tension until visa is granted. There also may be persons who may be rich enough to afford a foreign trip but they may lack official documents to be presented to the visa
It is the usual habit for any air traveler to throw away the boarding pass of their flight. This article is just to highlight the secret information hidden in the boarding pass and the necessity to shred it before disposing it, instead of crumpling it and throwing it away. There is plenty of information on
The attacks on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in 2001 changed aviation forever. After this, airport and airline security was significantly stepped up, and rules regarding items allowed in passenger hand luggage were tightened Be it a first timer or a frequent flyer, doubts occur about the articles that could be and should not
It is quite natural for anyone to feel a bit uncomfortable when you are visiting any country as a group or as a backpacker. All countries are reasonable safe and you have to be on alert or be prepared to adjust yourself to the new situation. I prefer to follow the following. If going alone,