This checklist will help you decide what to pack for your travels or holiday. Select the items you already packed (or still need to pack). DocumentsTravel aidsFinancialAppliancesClothesToiletriesHealthGeneral activitiesDocumentsPassport, visa Tickets for airline,boat,train,bus Copies of passport, tickets etc Boarding pass Drivers licence Health insurance card List of medications, letter prescriber Travel insurance Student card Travel aidsSuitcases, backpack Itinerary
It is every one’s experience that flying East is worse than flying West. When you fly westward for a long period, you may feel tired and weary from a long flight but the next day you may get over your jet lag easily. But at the same time if you fly eastwardin a long flight,
The bidet is often a basin that is situated close to the toilet in the bathroom, and it is used to clean yourself after using the toilet or when you need to freshen up or wash your genitals and anal area.Some countries are especially known for having bidets: South Korea, Japan,Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain, France,
Article By: Akash (, +91-9884425800) Best Time to Visit Thailand. When considering when to visit Thailand, don’t just think about the weather and the cost. Prices are significantly higher at certain times of year, including Christmas and Western New Year ( particularly for beaches). Famous Thai festivals and events will also bump up prices. Thailand is tropical,
Article By: S Pushparaj , P Gayathri.                     We were thankful  to  you  for  making  our first foreign  trip a  memorable  one.Your  enthusiasm,  action  and  taking  care  of  everyone  exhibits  your  leadership and  made  us  think that  we  should  cultivate  such  a  nice  quality  from  you. You 
Article By: Dr. Iyyamperumal ,Authoor, Tuticorin. The  Bali Trip Was Like A Family Trip . All Mingled With Each Other Nicely. Under Dr.Martins Leadership We Felt Very Free And Enjoyed The Trip. Pollachi Dr. Ramakrishnan And Kallakuruchi        Dr .Kumar Made The Trip A  Kallakal One By Jokes. The Singers Gayathri,Parameshwaran,Santhanagopalan And Martin